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Meet Ranger Nick | Talented Musician

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“It’s difficult to keep my musical side suppressed whilst driving on a glorious sunny day!” says Kariega’s field guide come music man, Nick. Take note that the background music on the Nick’s ranger video are his own composition and recording. Needless to say, with his happy-go-lucky nature and beautiful music, he is a well-loved member of our team and passionate about wildlife and conservation.

Who is Field Guide Nick?


 Nicholas Warren Swanepoel


Field Guide

Field Guide Qualification: 

 FGASA level 1, Track and Sign level 2

Hobbies or passions:

Nick enjoys playing a variety of musical instruments including the guitar, bass, piano, harmonica and ukelele. He also takes pride in his photography, a talent he has the opportunity to expand and grow in his time at Kariega.

Favourite part of his job:

Nick loves spending time outdoors; meeting people from different cultures and learning about their way of life. He enjoys both big and small sightings in the bush as they are all unique in their own way… and… he says driving a Land Cruiser is also pretty awesome too!

Favourite animal:

Leopard … but he is still waiting to see one in the Eastern Cape.

Most memorable sighting:   

Watching the lionesses hunt a nyala and missing it by a hair. Nick describes the sighting as very tense and exciting - his guests were sitting on the edge of their seats. Luckily it ended well for the nyala!

You can have a look at Nick’s photography on Facebook.

Did you have Nick as your ranger at Kariega and did he sing for you? Tell us all about it on Facebook.

Kariega's Ranger and music man Nick