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Jess Runs For Rhinos | Kariega Game Reserve

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Kariega Jess Rushmere

Kariega Game Reserve in partnership with the Kariega Foundation started our journey into rhino conservation at the turn of the millennium when this iconic and critically endangered species was introduced onto the reserve for the first time.

There have been many highlights over the years as we celebrated births resulting from a successful breeding programme; but like many others we have not escaped the heart break and brutality of rhino poaching. The last rhinos poached on Kariega Game Reserve were in 2012, during the same attack survived by our beloved Thandi, who has gone on to give us five calves and two grand-calves to date. 

Since then we have dedicated ourselves to developing a multi-layered approach to anti-poaching on Kariega Game Reserve as well as supporting local and global rhino conservation efforts whenever possible. Needless to say, rhino conservation is a personal and professional passion of the Kariega Family.

Now, one of the younger members of the Rushmere family (founders and owners of Kariega Game Reserve) is doing something remarkable in support of global rhino conservation.

Jess Rushmere is running for rhinos in the 2024 London Marathon to raise funds for Save The Rhino International!

For any ordinary person, running a marathon is remarkable. For a Jess, who does not actually like running, it is extraordinary and a testament to her deep love and care for rhino. In Jess's words:

"I have never been a natural runner and have said multiple times in defence of my running aversion that “Animals only run when they’re in danger, why do we run for fun?” But here I am, learning how to run, if not for fun, then for the rhinos. Whenever I feel as if it’s just too hard, I think of Thandi and her five children and two grandchildren and know that with each step I may be helping continue her and every other rhino’s legacy. With 51 days to go, I am more motivated than ever to raise as much as possible for Save the Rhino International through this journey."  

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Jess Rushmere is running for Rhinos

Meet Jess Rushmere

My name is Jess Rushmere, and I was born into a family with an innate love and appreciation for nature. When my grandfather, Colin Rushmere, started Kariega Game Reserve 34 years ago, I don’t think even he could have imagined the profound impact his vision would have on conservation in the Eastern Cape. Kariega’s dedication, and my family’s commitment, to protecting, empowering, and nurturing ecological balance are part of why I am running the 2024 London Marathon.

When I was 12 years old, I gave a class presentation on the plight of rhinos and how rhino poaching was decimating the species. I spoke about Thandi, told her incredible survival story and promised myself that one day I would do something to try and help rhinos. I didn’t know what it would be, but I knew I needed to play my part in helping to protect such incredible animals and all they represent – nature, balance, and conservation. Little did I know that the opportunity would present itself 12 years later as the chance to run the 2024 London Marathon for a charity called Save the Rhino International.

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Jess Supporting Save The Rhino

More About The Cause

Save the Rhino International’s vision is to see all five species of rhino thrive in the wild. By working with a wonderful community of passionate friends, partners and supporters, Save the Rhino aim to foster environments for rhino that are healthy, diverse, and resilient. In Southern Africa, Save the Rhino works with Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park and uMkuze Game Reserve to provide park communication networks, ranger accommodation and rhino monitoring equipment. This helps rangers protect rhinos in KwaZulu Natal by providing effective technology and creating a safe place to rest whilst working in extremely tough environments. Save the Rhino also focuses on the conservation of the black rhino population in Namibia by covering core expenses such as medication needed for dehorning and rhino recovery vehicles. 

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Save The Rhino at the London Marathon

Support Jess Running For Rhinos

If you feel moved to donate, no matter how small, please click this link. 

The funds raised through Jess's campaign on the Kariega Foundations GivenGain in the month of March will be donated to Jess's - Save the Rhino International London Marathon Campaign. 

Jess says:

"I am so incredibly grateful for all the support and encouragement. If you would like to be a part of my running journey, follow @jessyruns4rhinos on instagram for training and fundraising updates. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you – here’s to saving rhinos and promoting conservation together, one step at a time."

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Jess in her happy place at Kariega Game Reserve