Kariega Game Reserve Weddings
Kariega Game Reserve Weddings & Special Occasions
Kariega Game Reserve Weddings & Special Occasions
Kariega Game Reserve Weddings & Special Occasions
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Special Occasions

Kariega Game Reserve is the perfect destination for a safari holiday, but it may also provide the ideal setting for a variety of special occasions including honeymoons, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and exclusive business getaways.

For an unforgettable honeymoon safari, Settlers Drift, River Lodge and Ukhozi Lodge offer the best in romantic and luxurious getaways. Honeymooners can also request to enjoy their own romantic dinner in a private location.

Equipped with conference facilities, a large restaurant, festive bar area, and chalets accommodating up to six adults, Main Lodge provides the ideal business retreat for larger groups, and the perfect safari stop off for touring sports teams and other traveling groups. Main Lodge is also the natural destination for a fun-filled family safari.

Kariega Game Reserve also hosts small wedding receptions and can cater for other fair-sized celebrations. Whatever the occasion, Kariega will try its utmost to meet your needs. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact our reservations team.

Wedding Testimonials

From the first time we visited Kariega we were amazed by the reserve’s extraordinary beauty and the warm hospitality of the people who run it.

We know it isn’t Kariega’s usual practice to host weddings, but they did an outstanding job and we can’t thank them enough for making our wedding day really special.

Many of our guests commented on the outstanding accommodation, breathtaking venue, attentiveness of the staff and the exceptional food.

We have fantastic memories to see us into married life - Thanks to Kariega for making this a truly unforgettable experience for all of us.

- Malcolm & Lyndsey

A huge thank you for assisting us in making our day extra special.

Shelley - Thank you for arranging everything and liaising with me and our guests. Thank you for all the info, arranging all the extras we wanted and making the hay bales happen on such short notice - You were amazing and everything ran so smoothly because the pre-wedding work was done with so much efficiency! Thank you very very much ;)

Shawn, Juan & Paul - Thank you very much for all your assistance, friendliness and amazing organisational skills with all the rangers and making our wedding day run like clockwork! You had such an important role and you made it look easy, when I am sure it was anything but easy arranging everything and everyone. Juan - thank you for playing photographer to me and the bridesmaids before the wedding and driving us around ;) So much of the success of the day depended on the team of rangers and the team went over and above what was required - you have certainly outdone yourselves!!

Gillian & the restaurant staff - WOW, thank you for setting up, breaking down and making amazing food for our entire weekend. You did everything with a huge smile and we could call on you at any time and you accommodated us with our requests with a huge smile! Your team was great, the dancing were amazing and the friendliness was an experience all on its own!

Graeme - In general, thank you for allowing us a lot of freedom and flexibility out at Kariega and accommodating us in our requests from the word go! We had an amazing weekend and the team out at Kariega was incredible. Our guests will talk about it for years to come and I can definitely say that your team out at Kariega were incredible, organised and assisted us with so much patience and friendliness that every moment of interaction were AMAZING!!

Have a wonderful year & good luck with everything out at Kariega, the team deserve the best.

Warm Regards

- Chantell & Damian Giulietti

Banner images thanks to Rawmotive Photography.