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Video: Thandi and Calf Emerge from Scrub


Rhino Calf and Mother Emerge from Scrub

It was an exciting moment when two Kariega rangers witnessed rhino Thandi and her calf emerge from the dense scrub yesterday. Both mother and calf have been in the bush for two weeks since the calf was born on 13 January 2015. Ranger Jone Fick managed to capture this beautiful video of mother and calf on the grassland.

Mother and Rhino Calf in Eastern Cape Grassland

You will see a male rhino with the pair in the video. Thandi is not happy with his presence and you can hear her snorting loudly. It is likely that the male is the father of the calf. Thandi and calf both look calm and healthy. Thandi is clearly hungry and can be seen grazing in the video and pictures below.

Thandi and two male rhinos were discovered on 2 March 2012 after their horns were brutally removed with machetes and were left to die by poachers. The two males sadly died. A new male rhino was introduced on the reserve towards the end of 2013 and he was seen mating with Thandi. During her last procedure in December 2013 the veterinary team tested to see if she was pregnant and the results were positive! A long wait ensued and Thandi gave birth to a healthy baby girl on 13 January 2015. Read about the announcement of the birth and watch a moving video about the story of Thandi's fight to survive and the first footage of the calf.  

Photos: Thandi and Her Female Rhino Calf

While monitoring the duo Kariega ranger and photographer Daniel Haesslich captured these pictures. The area remains off-limits to visitors for the safety of the mother and calf.

Thandi Calf Kariega 27 Jan2015 Dh
Thandi Rhino Kariega Calf Grazing 27 Jan2015 Dh
Thandi Calf2 Kariega 27 Jan2015 Dh