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Video: Rhino Run Donates to Protect Rhino

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On 21 September 2016 The Rhino Run completed it’s fifth consecutive annual race to aid and support rhino conservation in South Africa. The Kariega Foundation is extremely grateful to be a benefactor of this amazing event that culminated in October with a generous donation of R40,000 to the Kariega Foundation’s Save the Rhino project.

Dehorning Works To Protect Kariega’s Crash of Rhino

Although dehorning is a controversial practice that has equal numbers of advocates and detractors, it has undoubtedly been a success story at Kariega Game Reserve. The Kariega Foundation’s Save The Rhino project was initiated in 2012 after the brutal poaching of three rhino, where two rhino died and Thandi (our poster girl of hope) survived. Since inception the Save the Rhino project has focused on regularly dehorning Kariega’s crash of rhino and we have not had a single poaching or attempt since the 2012 incident.

The Rhino Run Donations Contribute to Cost of Rhino Dehorning

Dehorning is a complex and costly process and the Kariega Foundation is enormously grateful for the all the hard work and generosity of team Rhino Run. All funds donated from this event contribute to the costs of dehorning. This year is particularly meaningful as Thandi’s calf, Thembi, was dehorned for the first time.

Watch this informative video to gain insight into the complexity of the procedure and the care with which it is executed. It is an example of what can be achieved when we work together for a common cause. Thank you to everyone involved.