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Kariega Game Reserve is the largest employer in the Kenton-on-Sea area and is committed to responsible tourism, social upliftment and sustainable use of resources. We are surrounded by impoverished African communities desperate for help and we are committed to uplifting our local neighbours and empowering their communities.

We are also strongly dedicated to sustainable wildlife management and conservation. Our natural heritage is something to cherish and support without reservation.

The Kariega Foundation, a non profit trust, was born out of these desires to contribute to the upliftment of our communities through the funding and implementation of community projects and to support worthwhile conservation initiatives.

So what can you do to help? 

By supporting the Kariega Foundation or our partners you can play an immediate role in the betterment of local livelihoods and conservation efforts.

Community Upliftment

Conservation Volunteer Programme Kariega Game Reserve Eastern Cape

The Foundation focuses its efforts in the following areas:

  1. At Kariega we believe that the future of our country lies in the hands of our youth and that education is the vehicle to opportunity and sustainable living. We have undertaken projects with Farmerfield School, a small rural school approx. 16km from Kariega Game Reserve. Farmerfield serves the surrounding rural farming community and has approx. 95 children enrolled from Grade 1 to Grade 7. Our vision is to transform this very underprivileged school into sanctity of pride and a beacon of hope within its distressed and poor community.
  2. With the help of the Kariega Conservation Volunteer Programme and it’s volunteers, the Foundation has managed to complete numerous projects at these schools and in the community, but there is still much to do! 
  3. We support and have joined efforts with the Kariega Project to ensure the effective implementation and sustainability of community projects. The Kariega Project is an amazing organisation doing very meaningful work and projects within the local community. Volunteers from the Kariega Conservation Volunteer Programme are again active in these projects.

Read about the Kariega Conservation Volunteer projects with local communities here 

Farmerfield School

There are currently six teachers and six classrooms for pupils from Grade 1 to Grade 7. This means that two grades are taught together in one classroom. Over the past six years the Kariega Volunteers have made weekly visits to assist the teachers with lessons in English, Maths, Biology and Science and are also involved in sport lessons after class. One of the main objectives is to improve English vocabulary, and there has been a marked improvement over the last few years. 

The Kariega Foundation and Conservation Volunteers support various maintenance and improvement projects in and around the school. Projects include; repairing the aging schoolyard fence to prevent community cattle from destroying the school vegetable garden, replacing many of the broken classroom windows, renovating and painting of classrooms, planting trees and many more.

The Conservation Volunteers also run a stationary drive which has been an overwhelming success – donations from the volunteers now completely satisfy the stationary demands of Farmerfield School. Other school items like books, pocket calculators, toys for the little ones, soccer balls etc. have been donated to the school over the past few years and we continue to get a supply of these items from our volunteers as well as from the Pack-for-a-Purpose initiative. We can never get too much!

Specific areas of need at Farmerfield School are the following:

  • Water project - there is no running water so the school relies on rain-water tanks. Need new tanks and gutters.
  • Flush toilets - the school currently make use of pit toilets (“long-drops” – 8 in total), and there are no flush toilets for the children to use.
  • Electrical installation - the majority of the classrooms have no electricity.
  • Fencing - the fence around the school needs to be replaced with mesh wire. 
  • Computers - one class room does have an electricity supply and computers would be very helpful in teaching the Grade 8 & 9’s basic computer skills. 
  • Photocopy machine and printing paper 
  • Maintenance - most of the classrooms need revamping and some of the classrooms have collapsed ceilings and damaged floorboards. 
  • A play-frame - jungle gym for the little ones. 
  • Educational material and decoration - such as educational posters. 
  • Long life foods - such as porridge, long life milk, tinned beans and soup packets for breakfast for the children. Many of the kids are not able to eat a wholesome breakfast at home and concentrating in the classroom on an empty stomach is very difficult.
  • Vegetable garden - to grow their own vegetables.
  • Sports equipment - soccer balls, soccer posts, cricket kit, netballs and netball rings.
  • Miscellaneous items - toilet paper, soaps etc.

Wildlife Conservation

Rhino poaching survivor Thandi at Kariega Game Reserve

Save the Rhino

The Save Our Rhino fund was launched in March 2012 after a terrible poaching incident which left one rhino dead and two severely injured. The fund was dedicated to providing the best possible medical care for the two survivors (Thandi and Themba). Sadly Themba passed away, but Thandi has pulled through with considerable care and medical support. The fund is now geared more towards providing the best possible anti-poaching and protection methods possible. Find out more on the Save the Rhino page

Our Partners 

To view a list of the Kariega Foundation Partners click here

Contact us

For a personalised answer to all your questions, please feel free to contact Murray Finlay:

e: murray@kariega.co.za
t: +27 (0)41 581 2606

How can you help?

Any help and support we get from anyone is hugely appreciated as it assists in expanding and maintaining the project.

You can help in many ways:
  • Spend some time in our Conservation Volunteer Programme and be part of the project first hand.
  • Make a general donation (any size will help) through the Kariega Foundation in any of the following ways:
  • Donating via EFT (for international currencies) via our secure online DONATE NOW button below
  • Donating cash in a Pledge envelope at the reserve
  • Adding a donation to your account when you check out after your stay
  • Directly transferring a donation into the following bank account

First National Bank
Account No: 62275606526
Branch: Newton Park
Branch code: 261050

Thandi's Story: Help Save our Rhino
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