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Top Technology for Rhino Conservation

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The Save the Rhino Fund was established by the Kariega Foundation shortly after the devastating triple poaching of three white rhino at Kariega Game Reserve in 2012. The primary and most effective anti-poaching and rhino protection initiative administered by the project is dehorning.

We are very fortunate to have wildlife vet Dr. William Fowlds to oversee the dehorning. He has been doing this since 2012 and has recently introduced new technology to improve the safety of the process.

Abaxis Global Improves Rhino Dehorning Safety

As Dr. Fowlds mentions in the video, dehorning is invasive and not something we would chose to do if we were not forced to go to extreme measures to protect these incredible animals.

However, thanks to the generous donation by Abaxis Global Diagnostics to Dr. Will and his team, we are now able to use top technology at each dehorning procedure to improve the health and safety of the rhino.

Abaxis Global Diagnostics also allows the veterinary team to learn more about the rhino so that we can better help and treat other survivors like our courageous Thandi, a survivor of the rhino poaching in 2012. 

Thank you Dr. Will and Abaxis Global Diagnostics for being our valued partners in rhino conservation. 

Get Involved with Rhino Conservation

If you would like to find out more about the Kariega Foundation and how to get involved in rhino conservation please contact or read more on the Save the Rhino page.