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Photographic Competition Finalists 2017

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It is with great excitement that we reveal the finalists of the Kariega Facebook Photographic Competition for 2017. 

It is an equally challenging and inspiring job to work through 462 entries and settle on the top five. In fact this year the competition was so fierce that we chose six photographs instead of five!

What Photographic Competition Judges Look For?

Our panel of judges look primarily for three things in a photograph:

The nature of the subject

Does the photograph capture the essence of the animal?

Great composition 

Is the composition good, in terms of background, colour and position of the subject within the frame?

An X-factor

Does the photograph communicate something special like emotion, movement or atmosphere?

Kariega Facebook Photographic Finalists for 2017

Taking that into account, here are the 2017 finalists in the Kariega Facebook Photographic Competition. We hope you like our choices! First on the list is our amazing cover shot of the lions by Tom Thomson, followed by another five stunning photos.

One of these amazing photographers will be returning to Kariega for an all-inclusive complimentary stay for two at Ukhozi Lodge.

Buffalo by Christian MH.

Buffalo by Christian Mh taken at Kariega in March 2017

Sunset elephant by Andrea Greaves.

Elephant by Andrea Greaves taken at Kariega in Dec 2016

Hippos by Andrew Colgan.

Hippo by Andrew Colgan Kariega taken at Kariega in Aug 2016

Elephant in motion by Graham Harvey.

Elephant by Graham Harvey taken at Kariega in Sept 2016

Lion by Par Bertilsson.

Lion by Par Bertilsson taken at Kariega in Jan 2017

How do you think this year's finalists compare to last years?