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Photo: Thandi's One Month Old Calf

Jone Haesslich

Thandi's Miracle Rhino Calf is a Month Old

Thandi gave birth to a healthy female calf on the 13 January 2015.  We are delighted to share these images one month after the birth. Thanks to Angie Goody and Kariega ranger Chelee Brown for the photographs.

Kariega Angie Goody1 Feb2015

Kariega Angie Goody Feb2015

Kariega Angie Goody2 Feb2015

Kariega Calf Angie Goody Feb2015

Kariega Angie Goody6 Feb2015

Kariega Angie Goody5 Feb2015

Kariega Chelee Brown Feb2015

Kariega Chelee Brown1 Feb2015

Kariega Angie Goody3 Feb2015

Find out more about Thandi's story on our blog. You can read about the announcement of the birth and watch a moving video about the story of Thandi's fight to survive and the first footage of the calf.