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Kariega Foundation Embraces Ubuntu

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Heritage Day is a day that we pause and celebrate what it means to be South African. At the heart of our ‘South Africaness’ lies the spirit of ubuntu. It is the belief that we are who we are because of our interaction with each other, and that if the people around us are thriving… then we are thriving too.

The ethos of the Kariega Foundation is built on the spirit of ubuntu and this was recently displayed at Farmerfield school, a small rural school that neighbours Kariega Game Reserve. The Kariega Foundation partnered with Trinity College (Edinburgh) to electrify Farmerfield school. Trinity College raised over R50,000 and donated this to project. This video beautifully captures the spirit of ubuntu that a group of Trinity College learners experienced during a recent visit.

Trinity College Experience Ubuntu at Farmerfield School

In July this year 80 learners from Trinity College visited Farmerfield school to celebrate the success of the electrification project. They took the opportunity to shine even more light on the children in the school community by gifting each of them with an age appropriate goodie bag, filled with educational surprises and sporting equipment. Thank you Trinity College, we are deeply grateful.

Kariega Foundation Raising Funds to Paint Farmerfield School

Since the electricity has been connected it has become apparent that Farmerfield school is in desperate need of a facelift. If you would like to enter into the spirit of ubuntu on this Heritage Day, please make a donation to the Kariega Foundation and contribute to our campaign to brighten up Farmerfield school even more this summer – with a dash of paint. All donations will help - it is quick and simple and can be done online.

If you are in the building industry and have paint to donate please email

Thank you and have a happy Heritage Day.