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Why Does Kariega Dehorn Rhino?

Brendon Jennings
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As part of the Kariega rhino protection programme we dehorn rhino on the game reserve. This involves regularly darting the animals and then safely and humanely removing their horns. Wildlife vet Dr William Fowlds can be seen with the Kariega Volunteers during a recent dehorning procedure.

Mid-way through 2016 little Thembi will undergo her first dehorning. The veterinary experts do not like to dart the animals any younger than 15 months. The growth plate of the horn is not disturbed during this procedure which means that growth of the horn continues at a rate of around 5 – 8 cm a year. Dehorning is a costly, time consuming exercise but one which we believe best protects our rhino. It is a sad reality that these magnificent creatures cannot be left undisturbed in their natural environment.

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