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White Rhino vs Lion Pride


If you are one of those blessed human beings who has had the privilege of observing each member of the elusive Big 5 - lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard - in their natural habitats you will understand how each one exudes their own brand of power and authority.

The sense of awe is amplified when you get to experience one or more of these animals in the same place at the same time. Ranger Jo and her guests experienced this extraordinary interaction between a pride of lion and a white rhino mother and calf at Kariega Game Reserve. We shared in the experience via this amazing video. Thank you Jo. We are amazed at how steady your hand was despite all the excitement!

Young Lions Seem to Hunt Rhino Calf

Ranger Jo explains that it looked like the young lions were hunting the rhino calf but in actual fact the rhinos were not leaving the lions alone either. Jo says, β€œIt was almost like the mother rhino was teaching the calf what lions can do and how to deal with them. It was amazing to see.”

Rhino and Lion Meet on Kariega Plains

Lions and Rhino in Action on Kariega Plains

Lions and Rhino in Action on Kariega Plains

Rhino Walking Away from Lion in Kariega

It is not the first time lion and rhino have met on the Kariega plains. Check out this blog and video from 2015!