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Video: Rhino vs. Lion on African Safari

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An African safari is unpredictable! When setting out for a safari drive at Kariega Game Reserve one is never certain what you may encounter. On this particular safari guests were in for a big surprise!

Watch the video where three white rhinos (one being a baby) graze on the open plains, which also happens to be the exact spot a pride of lion chose to sleep for the day. When wild animals cross paths in the African bush you never know how things will end, especially when it's a crash of rhino and hungry lion. To make things more interesting the lions had previously tried to make a meal of the little rhino calf when it was a little younger.

You’ll be pleased to see who comes out tops in this encounter!

Interesting African Safari Lion and Rhino Facts

Lions are the only big cats that form a pride. The pride is usually made up of females with cubs and one or sometimes more dominant males. Lions sleep in the African bush for most of the day to conserve their energy. They generally hunt every two to three days.

Rhinos have to eat constantly because they don't digest their food very well. The energy they absorb is so minimal that they have to keep eating for most of the day. White rhino feed on grass and have a wide flat mouth whereas black rhino have a pointed upper lip and eat shrubs, berries, leaves and twigs.

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