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Video: Kariega Elephants Enjoy a Swim

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Elephants, like all other mammals can swim. In fact, they are very strong swimmers and love being in water, particularly the younger ones!

Elephants swim by moving all four legs while their massive bodies help them to float and their trunks act as a snorkel. They generally swim with their face above water but their mouths submerged while their trunk allows them to continue breathing.   

Elephants Enjoy Swimming

Elephants do not only swim when necessary, they love any opportunity to play and frolic in water as is so beautifully captured in this video. The Bushmans River, which runs through Kariega Game Reserve, proves to be a popular play area for our elephant herd. Many Kariega safari guests enjoy the sight of them splashing about.

Did you see our elephant herd playing in the Bushmans River when you were on safari? Tell us all about it on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to share your photos. We would love to enter them into our 2017 Facebook Photographic Competition. This year entries close on at the end of April 2017. The prize is a two night stay for two people at Ukhozi Lodge.