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SORAI VELDSKOEN: Support Conservation

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We are delighted to share a new opportunity to support conservation of endangered species at Kariega Game Reserve.

From today you can purchase a pair of limited edition SORAI VELDSKOEN shoes and the profits will be donated to the Kariega Foundation Walk with Us campaign to help maintain our active and effective Anti-Poaching Unit (APU).

The SORAI VELDSKOEN shoe launched on 24 May 2021 and is available worldwide. Orders can be made via the Veldskoen South Africa website. Those outside of South Africa should email to order.


SORAI VELDSKOEN: Purchase with a Purpose

Shoe company Veldskoen, and conservation organisation SORAI, have collaborated on this luxury shoe to help raise awareness and funds for the conservation of endangered species. We are hugely grateful that they have chosen to donate the profits to the Kariega Foundation to support the conservation of rhino and other wildlife at Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa.

The SORAI VELDSKOEN is a handmade, luxury nubuck shoe, fully leather lined with thermo-plastic rubber soles, a fitting addition to the sustainably made SORAI clothing range.


Veldskoene ("FELT-skoona") or colloquially called vellies ("FELL-ys"), are walking shoes often worn on a South African safari and in the bush. They are lightweight and hardwearing. The word Veldskoen, directly translated from Afrikaans, means "field shoes." The word was first documented by Dutch settlers who arrived in South Africa in the mid 1600's. However, according to the Veldskoen website, the shoes were based on traditional Khoisan footwear first worn by indigenous people across southern Africa.

Veldskoen shoes are a huge part of South African culture. Make a purchase with a purpose and order your SORAI VELDSKOEN today.

Kevin Pietersen, SORAI Founder comments: “This collaboration with VELDSKOEN felt right from the start. Their local link to South Africa and ethos aligned perfectly with SORAI and all that we stand for - making a positive impact in the world, providing a voice for the voiceless and conserving that which is endangered. We are incredibly proud and excited to be joining forces with them on this project.”


Partnerships Support Conservation of Endangered Species

Lindy Sutherland, the director of our Kariega Foundation comments: “We are delighted and so grateful that SORAI and VELDSKOEN have chosen to walk with us in protecting the rhino. Conservation is a team sport and we will only succeed if more and more people, organisations and brands chose to work together to achieve a common vision. In this case – saving a species.”

The partnership between Veldskoen, SORAI and the Kariega Foundation is a natural fit. SORAI, which stands for ‘Save Our Rhino Africa India’, are on a mission to save not only the rhino, but all endangered species from extinction. Veldskoen prides itself on collaborating with companies and organisations who are shining a positive light on South Africa, through business and CSI initiatives. The Kariega Foundation is a non-profit trust working in partnership with Kariega Game Reserve to deliver on a broad and holistic conservation mandate. All funds raised support projects with the core motive to protect, preserve and educate so that we may reform that which threatens our natural world and build a greater conservation community that works collectively to rejuvenate our planet, people and wildlife.


The Kariega Foundation’s primary source of funding to maintain the active and effective Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) usually comes from the levy paid by Kariega Game Reserve safari guests. Due to COVID this funding source has ceased to exist and until guests are able to return they need our help in keeping their APU fully operational so that rhino at Kariega remain protected.

So, when you buy a pair of SORAI VELDSKOEN, you are helping keep the rhino at Kariega safe. Purchasing a pair of SORAI VELDSKOEN shoes helps support conservation by keeping the Kariega Foundation’s APU running and the rhinos and other wildlife protected.

Visit our website to find out more about the Kariega Foundation and the Walk With Us campaign, or email Visit the SORAI website to find out more about Kevin Pietersen's commitment to the ongoing preservation and protection of endangered species. Visit the Veldskoen website to find out more about the "sole of South Africa" and purchase the SORAI VELDSKOEN.


Images thanks to SORAI, taken on location at Kariega Game Reserve.