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Rhino Q&A: Thandi, Thembi and Colin

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Rhino calf Colin is three months old today. He has captured our hearts and those of our all our guests who have been fortunate enough to see him. In addition, he has become an ambassador for rhino conservation to a large international community who stay connected to rhinos Thandi, Thembi and Colin via Kariega's media channels.

Patty Watson, a Facebook friend and past safari guest, posed some interesting questions after watching the video we posted last month on rhino Colin’s two-month birthday. We asked ranger Jo to answer Patty’s questions and have shared them as a Q&A below.

Q&A for Rhinos Thandi, Thembi and Colin


I noticed on the video that Thandi has a horn. Is that new? I thought both of her horns had been hacked off during the poaching.


Thandi's horns were both hacked off when she was poached in 2012. When viewed in 2012 the vets and other people involved with treating Thandi believed that she would never grow a horn again as the growth plates where the horns grow from had both been removed. The massive wounds have healed over the last few years and now it seems that the back horn has actually started growing again which mean that somehow an area of the growth plate of the back horn has remained active.


Where is Thembi now? 


Thembi is not walking with Thandi and Colin as rhino mothers usually push their older calves out when they have a new one. If the older calf is a female (like in this case with Thembi) the mothers sometimes keep the older calf around as babysitters for the new younger calf. But if the older sibling is a male they will normally be pushed out as soon as the new calf is born. It all depends on the personalities of the animals and what the structures are of the rest of the rhinos in the surroundings. Thembi is happy walking around with the other sub-adult rhinos on the reserve.


Will they all be given guaranteed protection from poachers at Kariega Game Lodge?


No one can guarantee that rhinos will not be poached but Kariega is doing its utmost best to ensure that such a horrible day will never happen again!

Thank you Patty for asking such relevant questions and Ranger Jo for your informative answers. Please feel welcome to post your questions in the comments below or on our Kariega  Facebook page. Our rangers have so much knowledge and insight to share.