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Rhino Calf Colin One Month Old Already


One month ago today, on 24 January 2017, rhino Thandi surprised us all by giving birth to her second calf since surviving her brutal poaching in 2012.

Thandi’s young bull calf has been named Colin, meaning ‘victory of the people’ and his birth is being celebrated as the victory of all the amazing people and organizations that were inspired by Thandi to join the fight against rhino poaching.

It is impossible not to bubble over with joy as we watch these videos of young Colin and his rhino-super-mom Thandi. What a privilege it is going to be for us all to watch him grow up, just as it was to watch his sister Thembi’s life unfold. 

Rhino Colin One Month Old Already

Thandi and her two rhino offspring send a powerful message to the world: Thandi stands for courage, Thembi for Hope and Colin for victory of the people. With courage and hope we will be victorious and save our rhino!

Young Colin is particularly special to all of us at Kariega, as he is named after Colin Rushmere, founder and owner of Kariega Game Reserve who passed away on 20 January 2017, a few days before Colin was born. 

Have you been lucky enough to see young Colin at Kariega Game Reserve? Tell us all about it on Facebook or add your comment below.