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Photo: Weaver Birds in Spring


Spring brings a great sense of relief and excitement in South Africa – to the two legged, four legged and even feathered inhabitants! 

The big, beautiful trees outside Kariega’s Main Lodge reception have become a flutter of excited activity recently as the male Cape weavers respond to their spring urges and start frantically building their nests in a competitive bid to attract a mate. 

Thank you to ranger Daniel Haesslich for capturing these incredible photos of their brilliant craftsmanship.

Male Cape Weavers are Master Craftsmen

The craftsmanship of these little birds is quite awe-inspiring as they patiently and meticulously weave an intricate nest, starting with just one strand of grass tied to a twig and then building on and treading with only their little beaks. Over a thousand strands of grass go into a nest.

Male Cape Weaver Building Nest by Daniel Haesslich

The nest resembles the shape of an upside-down flask and once complete the Male will hang from the bottom entrance and flutter his wings, a signal to entice the female to inspect his handy work. 

Cape Weaver Nest

Male Cape Weaver Building Nest by Daniel Haesslich

Unfortunately for some male Cape weavers the females are very fussy and only accept the best nest. So much of that hard work and flutter comes to naught. Often they have to start all over again!

Did you see the male Cape weavers building their nests when you checked into Ukhozi Lodge or Main Lodge at Kariega Game Reserve for your spring safari? Tell us all about it in the comments below or share your photos and experiences on the Kariega Facebook page.

Photo thanks to field guide Daniel Haesslich.