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Day in the Life | Rhino Colin 7 Months


Rhino Colin is seven months old today and what a privilege and joy it is for all of us at Kariega, staff and guests alike, to watch him grow up under the watchful eye of his mother Thandi.

We are hugely grateful to ranger Jo Haesslich for putting this heart-warming video together of a typical day in Colin’s life for us all to enjoy. This is the life that all rhino should enjoy. Sadly that is not the case, not even for young Colin, as the threat of poaching is real and hangs over our heads every day.

Average of Three Rhino Poached per Day

The latest official rhino poaching statistics for 2017 have revealed that on average, three rhino are poached and killed in South Africa every day. Watching this delightful video of a young, healthy rhino and digesting these statistics that paint such a morbid picture for his future weighs heavily on the heart.

But, we cannot lose hope and who better to look to for inspiration than this incredible family of rhino. Thandi, who survived a poaching, showed us what true courage looks like. Thembi, born to Thandi just two years later, shone with the light of hope and little Colin, Thandi’s second calf, entered the world to prove that we can and will be victorious.

Read more about the amazing story of Thandi's survival and the birth of her two calves.

Live Facebook Feed on World Rhino Day

This fight against rhino poaching is a daily struggle for all involved, especially when the latest statistics are revealed. On 22 September, World Rhino Day, Kariega Game Reserve is going to attempt to break new ground and allow the whole world to draw strength and inspiration from Thandi and her offspring.

Ranger’s Jo and Daniel Haesslich will go out onto the reserve at 11am (South African Standard Time) on 22 September and drive over the Kariega plains with a live video feed to the Kariega Facebook page. They will hopefully share a live sighting with Thandi, Thembi and Colin with you all. 

The guides will also be able to answer any questions you have about rhino conservation or Thandi’s story. Please post your questions in the comments section below, and then diarize your game-drive to find Thandi on World Rhino Day.

See you then! We are super excited. Are you?