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Walk With Us | Help Preserve Rhino

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Our Kariega Foundation invites you walk with us to find what we are doing to preserve rhino and how you can help.

It takes a village of dedicated, selfless and courageous people to save a species. The calling to save the rhino can feel lonely and draining. But there is strength in numbers. As our village grows in numbers so the weight of the burden lightens and hope for the future of the rhinoceros strengthens.

We invite you to join our village and walk with us in our dedication to save the rhino species.

Walk With Us Help Preserve Rhino Kariega

Little Bits Make a Lot | Walk With Us to Help Save the Rhino Species

We have learned that conservation is a team sport. We can’t do it on our own. When we work together, alchemy happens – there is magic. With many individual donations we can achieve our fundraising goals. Little bits make a LOT.

Before March 2020, the Kariega Foundation's primary source of funding used to maintain the active and effective Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) was from the levy paid by Kariega Game Reserve safari guests.

Until guests are able to return, the Kariega Foundation’s core objective is to ensure that we have the funds to keep our APU fully operational so that the rhino at Kariega remain protected.

The daily operating cost of the Kariega Anti-Poaching Unit is R5,000 (US$340, €280 or £250). Our short-term focus is to raise R210,000 to cover these costs for six weeks until the end of May 2021.

No donation is too small. Please email us on if you would like to know more.

Donate now or start a fundraiser because… little bits make a LOT.

Kariega Anti-Poaching Unit Helps Protect Rhino

Eastern Cape is a Stronghold Needed to Save the Rhino Species

South Africa is the custodian to more than three-quarters of the world’s rhinos. Over the past decade, 8,349 rhinos have been killed in South Africa alone for their horns.

In 2021, shocking rhino population statistics revealed that the world’s largest population of rhinos — found in South Africa's Kruger National Park — has diminished by nearly 70% over the past decade, mainly due to relentless and barbaric poaching.

The species urgently needs rhino protection and conservation efforts to trump poaching so that rhino populations can grow and thrive unthreatened once more.

Kariega Game Reserve and a collection of wilderness areas in the Eastern Cape region, known as INDALO, have risen to this challenge.

Kariega Anti-Poaching Unit Helps Preserve Rhino

Together we have become pioneers in rhino conservation through the power of collaboration and igniting community consciousness.

We have developed a shared model of advanced anti-poaching practises and are creating a much-needed and essential stronghold for rhino in Africa

We invite you to walk with us in our dedication to save the rhino species.

How to Donate to Help Protect Rhino

The Kariega Foundation is a non-profit trust and can accept donations from around the world. Donating is as simple as clicking the donate link, but the hope you give is immeasurable.

Donate now: Make a credit card donation via the GivenGain payment platform.

Create a linked fundraiser: Set up your fundraising page by visiting Your donation will automatically be transferred to the Kariega Foundation.

Make a direct deposit: Use the bank details below.

First National Bank (or FirstRand Bank)
Account No: 62275606526
Branch: Newton Park
Branch code: 261050
Bank Head Office Address:
FNB Bank City,
Simmonds Street,
Johannesburg, 2000
Reference: Yourname_Rhino

If you’re a South African taxpayer or the organisation on whose behalf the donation is being made is a South African taxpayer, please email Cindy on to request your 18A tax exemption certificate.

Please contact us on if you would like to know more.