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Volunteer Updates September 2012

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Kariega Game Reserve conservation volunteers digging clay to line a small watering hole outside the volunteer accommodation. After enough clay was accumulated we dampened it and compacted it. The animals will appreciate the water source in the hot summer days to come, and the Kariega volunteers will enjoy the sightings from our treehouse of animals drinking.


A lioness at Kariega Game Reserve minutes after the conservation volunteers discovered the pride feasting on a wildebeest kill. Although there was not a clear view of the carcass, the sounds of bones crunching as well as the lioness grooming her bloodied muzzle afterwards left little to the imagination. Another awesome bush experience for the Kariega Conservation Volunteers!


Kariega Game Reserve volunteers watch on with interest as well-known vet, Dr. William Fowlds, administers drugs to a young Eland bull which had just been darted. Later we transported him a short distance to an area of the Reserve where the breeding bull recently died of natural causes. Game capture is always an exciting and hands-on experience for Kariega Game Reserve's conservation volunteers!

Kariega Game Capture

Kariega Game Capture 2

How many people does it take to load a giraffe?? Kariega conservation volunteers help the capture team with giraffe capture on Kariega Game Reserve this week. The giraffe are being sold to another game reserve as part of population control and a re-introduction program.