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Video: Starry, Starry Night on Safari

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One of the unexpected surprises of an African safari is the night sky. You anticipate the thrill of seeing a lion, elephant or rhino for the first time as well as the sense of freedom and adventure of driving through the wilderness in an open vehicle, but the sense of awe and wonder that engulfs you when you look up at the Milky Way, undisturbed by light pollution or urban skylines is almost inconceivable.

Safari Guest Shares Splendor of African Stars

Safari guest Danny Guinther was so captivated by the sky and stars that he created this amazing time lapse video to share a little of the African night sky with each of us… and it is breathtaking! Thank you Danny.

Top 10 Stargazing Spots in South Africa

While Kariega Game Reserve did not make it onto this list of the top 10 stargazing sites in South Africa, we know that experiencing the African night sky while on safari with us is one of the most pleasant and unexpected surprises.

When next safari with us, make a point of turning off all the lights in your suite, then step outside, look up… and take a moment to marvel at the magnificence of the African night sky!

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