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Video: Safari Guide to Identifying Antelope

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There are a plentitude of antelope at Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape and it can be challenging telling one apart from another, particularly if it is your first time in the African bush. This video offers safari enthusiasts a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the various antelope they are likely to see whilst out on a game drive at Kariega Game Reserve and the distinguishing features that can help with identification.

Antelopes Belong to the Family Bovidae

Antelopes belong to the family Bovidae, along with cattle, sheep and goats. There are over 90 different species in the family across Africa and Asia. Antelope are highly intelligent animals. When found in large wilderness areas they have the ability to follow the rains, and you will often find them trailing a herd of zebra that eat the tough outer grasses and leave the young tender shoots exposed for them.

Hooves and Horns are Used For Species Identification

A fun way of differentiating antelope is through their hooves or horns. All antelope have horns and they are beautifully diverse and unique to each species. In many cases they are a spectacular feature of the species.

The antelopes’ hooves differ according to their habitat. Antelope that live in deserts have flat hooves to help them walk on sand, and those that live in rocky terrain have small suction pads on the hooves to give them extra grip.

Which Antelope Did you See on Your Kariega Safari?

Which antelope did you see on your Kariega safari? We think the prize for the most impressive horns at Kariega Game Reserve would be a highly contested competition between the male kudu and his waterbuck counterpart! Did you see these two antelope? Which one would be your winner and why? Let us know on our Facebook page.