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Video: Roaring Good Life For Eastern Cape Lions

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Lions were re-introduced to Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape in 2004. This majestic species boasts the grand but misleading title of ‘King of the Jungle’ when actually it’s natural habitat is grasslands and plains. However, the incredible strength, power and elegance of the lion, as witnessed in this video, leaves one in total awe and acknowledgement of their regal status.

Lions and Lionesses Join the Hunt

Lions are the only big cats who live in groups, also known as prides. The pride works together to defend their territory and hunt, although the females tend to do the majority of the hunting. They are tactical hunters and work together to catch prey that if alone would be able to outrun them. When they are not hunting, lions relax and laze about. They spend between 16 and 20 hours each day resting and sleeping, conserving their energy in the heat and becoming more active at night when it is cooler.

Lion’s Roar is Loudest of any Cat

Lions roar to communicate their position to other prides and the sound can be heard up to eight kilometres away. Lions communicate through a range of behaviors and highly developed movements and sounds including licking, rubbing heads, nuzzling, purring, snarling, meows and hissing.

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