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Video: Rhino Thembi is Almost One Year Old


Rhino calf Thembi is 11 months old today! This video of Thembi and her famous mother Thandi was taken on the plains at Kariega Game Reserve when she was just four months old. At this stage in her young life she was already eating grass but still needed Thandi’s very nutritious milk to grow big and strong. The squealing sound you hear in the video is Thembi crying to her mother for milk.

Rhinos have a strong sense of smell and hearing

Rhino have very poor eye sight and will have difficulty seeing someone standing only a hundred feet away if they are not moving. However, if the person makes even the faintest sound or the rhino picks up their scent they will be easily detected, even at a much greater distance.

Rhinos use piles of dung to leave messages for other rhinos

This pile of dung is called a midden. Each rhino has a unique smell and when it adds its dung to the midden the smell reveals the rhino’s identity, age and sex and sends the message that this is their territory.

Help us prepare for Thembi’s first birthday

Today, Thembi is a healthy 11 month old and the symbol of hope for a future free of rhino poaching. We are starting a campaign to celebrate Thembi’s first birthday and spread her message of hope all around the globe! Please post any pictures you have of Thembi to our Facebook page before 10 January 2016. All your photos will be collated into an album to celebrate Thembi’s first birthday on 13 January 2016.

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