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Video: Rhino Thandi June 2014

Jone Haesslich

Poaching survivor rhino Thandi enjoys a roll in the mud at Kariega 

On the 2nd of March 2012 one cow and two bull rhinos were poached at Kariega. Tragically, one bull died during the course of the night and the other bull died 24 days later. The female, now known as Thandiswa or Thandi (meaning courage in isiXhosa), has made a miraculous recovery and is now likely to be pregnant. Wildlife veterinary expert, Doctor William Fowlds, and the Kariega team have worked tirelessly to give Thandi the best possible care. Her bravery is unbelievable and continues to inspire and amaze us. 

It's great to see her enjoying a lovely mud bath! Thanks to ranger Tayla for the short video and images.

Thandi Roll Mud Kariega T Mc June2014

Thandi in action in the mud.

Thandi Mud2 Kariega T Mc June2014

She is so inquisitive!

Thandi Mud3 Kariega T Mc June2014