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Video: Rhino Thandi and companions


Video showing rhino Thandi and her crash at Kariega

Thanks to Paul Mills for sharing this video of Thandi, her companion and her companion's calf ahead of World Rhino Day. 

Paul was called when Thandi and the two bulls were poached at Kariega on 2 March 2012. Paul took the harrowing video footage of the rhino on that day and during first weeks of their struggle to recover. He also filmed the very moving and sad footage of Dr Fowlds just after Themba died. Much of this video material has been used to create awareness of the scourge of rhino poaching. Paul has given of his time and expertise freely and we are so grateful for his contribution to the fight for the survival of our rhino. 

Paul comments, "I did a lightning fast visit on Saturday to Kariega to see Thandi, and get some up to date shots of her face for Will to look at. Will is very happy with the condition of her face. The Kariega staff were very efficient and hospitable as always, and we located Thandi within few minutes. She is continuing to associate with the female and her calf. I am looking forward to the arrival of her calf expected in 3 - 4 months or thereabouts. The recent release of "The end of the wild" in China (which featured Thandi) and the recent efforts by the breaking the brand campaign in terms of awareness in Vietnam are all good news. The only way we shall defeat this scourge is by making people aware of the ineffectiveness of Rhino horn as a cure all. We need to turn it's possession and use into a thing of shame rather than an element of pride."