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Video: Rhino Thandi a story of survival

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This haunting video was created to help spread awareness of the plight of the African rhino. Tim Rotella composed and recorded the music, added the rhino noises and set it to photos of rhino Thandi (courtesy of Paul Mills). 

Tim shared this video with us with the special request for others to share on. "Here is a video I made about Thandi to spread awareness of the plight of poached wildlife. I hope it can change some opinions. I would like for people in China to see this. I do know that someone shared it in Vietnam. Rhino horn is just keratin, like fingernails. The people in China and other Asian countries need to be educated about real medicine, both western medicine and herbs that do work, NOT rhino horn, lion bones etc."

Find out more about the conservation organisations that Tim mentions at the end of the video: Outraged Citizens Against Poaching and Save the Rhino.

A big thank you to Tim for his passion for rhino conservation and for sharing his video with us! 

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