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Video: Pride of lions at Kariega

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Pride of lions walking close up against the safari vehicle at Kariega Game Reserve

We love this video of two lionesses, three cubs and one of the Kariega male lions, Mondorro, walking past an open Kariega safari vehicle. This video was taken in early June and is the second video we have obtained of our new cubs, the first one being taken in May, and in the space of just one month they have grown a considerable amount.

It’s also great to see Mondorro strolling along at the back of the pride with a very full belly. Although female lions do most of the hunting, they won’t eat (unless permitted to do so) until the male has had his fill. Sometimes the males will be so kind as to let the cubs or even the females eat with him, as you can see on our video blog of a lion feast. On a big kill every member of the pride will be able to eat their fill.

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