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Video: Predator Lurking on African Safari

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What lives in trees, has sticky feet, independently rotating eyes, a long tongue, can magically change colour and is a fiercely dangerous predator… if you are an insect? Watch this delightful video, directed and produced by our very own ranger Jone to find out!

Small Wonders on African Safari

We can often get distracted by the big animals while on African safari, but it is equally worthwhile to stop and pay attention to the many and equally fascinating smaller animals and insects, like the Cape dwarf chameleon in this video.

Cape Dwarf Chameleon Found on Southern Africa Safari

The Cape dwarf chameleon is one of thirteen species of chameleon found in the Eastern Cape region. Their scientific name is Bradypodion pumilum which means ‘slow-footed’ describing their ‘stop and go’ pattern of movement which, to an insect, makes them look like they are just another leaf on the tree, blowing in the breeze.

Moving slowing also ensures that they have time to change colour and remain fully camouflaged within their surroundings. The only part of this Cape dwarf chameleon that moves at rapid speed is their tongue which can shoot out to double their body length in order to catch their prey

Watch the video to see this in slow motion (my favorite part) and learn many more fascinating facts about this small, beautiful but dangerous predator!

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