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Video: Lion and Rhino on Safari

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Ranger Daniel captured this special sighting of two male lions doing some male bonding when and a surprise visit from a massive white rhino broke up the party and got their attention! What a great safari experience.

At the start of the video we see the one male lion ‘contact calling’ in order to locate the other members of his pride. His brother responds and they meet up.

Greetings Between Lions

The way in which lion greet each other when they meet like this is very important and reflects the nature and status of their relationship at that moment. If the relationship is good and they accept each other, the greeting is warm and affectionate, as in this video. 

It is during a meet-and-greet like this one that we would see if either member carries a higher status or is disliked for any reason. Under these circumstances the greeting would include aggressive behaviour from the stronger lion and submissive behaviour from his counterpart.

The two lion in the video are both young adolescence and dominance has not been established as yet. Their brotherly love is obvious and heart-warming.

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