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Video: Interesting Facts About Buffalo

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They may look like big, black cattle but there is more to this respected member of the notorious Big 5 than meets the eye. Buffalo have killed more hunters in Africa than any other wild animal and have a memory like an elephant. They have been known to attack people who have harmed them years after the event, but also approach those that they know and trust for tactile affection. 

What makes the buffalo even more intriguing is that they are extremely valuable – the most expensive disease-free buffalo in South Africa sold for R176 million.

Video Includes More Interesting Facts About Buffalo

This video features buffalo at Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape and teaches the viewer many interesting facts about these animals. Buffalo are very sociable animals and live in large herds, which can grow to 1000 animals in very large wilderness areas.

Buffalo Herds Consist of an Average of 12 Animals

On average a buffalo herd consists of 12 animals made up of females, their offspring and one to three males. Other males will form a bachelor herd or live on their own. These solitary males are usually the most aggressive and dangerous.

Buffalo Herd Life Offers Safety in Numbers

Living as a herd offers many benefits, like sharing the best grazing areas and water holes, but it also offers safety in numbers. The lion is the natural predator of the buffalo. When the herd is under attack they will form a circle around the young, old or weak members and use their large, sharp and deadly horns to protect them and fight off the predator. This is usually very effective.

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