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Video: Elephants at Kariega

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Eastern Cape Elephant Encounters

Thank you to Kariega guest Steve Henrys for sharing this video of his recent encounters with elephants Kariega. It is a thrilling experience to be so close to these enormous creatures in their natural environment. Guests comment on the video that the experience is “extraordinary” and that the elephants are “graceful”. Everyone should experience this at least once in their lives!

We are fortunate at Kariega to often get very close to these highly intelligent and gentle giants and they amaze and humble us every time. All Kariega rangers are fully qualified nature guides and very experienced with wildlife, especially elephants. They operate under strict code of conduct and will not put the animals or guests in any danger.


Do you have any videos of your encounters with elephants at Kariega? Share them with us by adding them on our Facebook page. You can also upload your video onto YouTube and tag Kariega or add the reserve name in the title of your video.