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Video: Eastern Cape Game Reserve a Haven for Waterbirds

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Kariega Game Reserve incorporates five different eco-systems and two spectacular rivers - namely the Kariega and the Bushmans rivers - creating a haven for a wide variety of waterbirds.

Waterbirds thrive on the Bushmans and Kariega rivers

This video includes a spectacular collage of a few of the many waterbird species happily breeding and feeding on our dams and rivers. The plenitude of plant, bird and animal life along these riverbanks and on the dams is a wonderful indication that they are clean and healthy ecosystems.

Kingfishers are aptly named for the impressive fishing skills

Kingfishers will perch very still on a branch overhanging the water or hover above the water and then dive straight down into the water to spear their prey with their sharp beaks. They eat fish, frogs, tadpoles and crabs.

Ducks, geese and coots are plant eaters

These birds will mostly be seen on the dams where they feed on the underwater vegetation. Geese are incredibly loyal and affectionate. They choose a mate at the age of three and stay with that mate for life. If one of the pair dies the widower will often not engage with a new partner and may remain single for the rest of their life. Ducks, however, only stay loyal to a mate for one breeding season!

Grebes are great underwater swimmers and feed on insects

Grebes are interesting to watch as they dive underwater to feed on insects. If danger approaches they sink into the water until they are totally submerged and then swim away from the threat. Grebes are very territorial and will puff themselves up and chase away any other grebes if they dare to enter their territory.

Please post any pictures you have taken of waterbirds at Kariega Game Reserve to our Facebook page. We would love to see them and perhaps they will be selected for our annual Kariega Facebook photo competition.