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Video: Dramatic Safari Encounter with Lions and Elephant

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Watching a pair of exhausted lions sleeping on the plains after mating for the past few days, the Kariega guide and guests on their afternoon safari probably didn't expect this sighting to get more interesting. But nature likes to play games and when a very big elephant bull came strolling down the road towards them, no one knew what was going to happen next. Fortunately experienced safari guide Nakita ensured that she and her guests kept calm and simply enjoyed this dramatic encounter. 

Kariega Dramatic Safari Encounter Lions and Elephant

The elephant bull was taking a leisurely stroll and looking for the herd of females and stumbled upon a male and female lion. The elephant's hormones took over. He wanted the lions out of his way and to show them who is the real king. The elephant chased both lions from their spot in the sun and they headed for the nearest thicket with all of them just inches from the safari cruiser.  For the guests in the safari vehicle this was definitely a once in a lifetime close encounter with two of the Big 5 at once!

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