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USA Guest Shares African Safari Experience

USA Guest Shares African Safari Experience

USA guest Elaine Stone visited Kariega Game Reserve in January 2020 with a group of friends and thoroughly enjoyed her African safari experience. Nearly a year after returning home to Virginia, USA, Elaine was reminiscing about her trip and decided to share her experiences on her blog, along with some wonderful images. Elaine contacted us and has given us permission for us to share on snippets of her Kariega safari experience.

Thank you Elaine. We loved reading about your African safari. The depth of your experience and connection to nature and all her wonder was very tangible and inspiring. It was a beautiful reminder why we have dedicated our lives to building Kariega Game Reserve and protecting and preserving the African wilderness.

Wondrous African Safari Experience

"We spent two days on safari! The experience has ruminated in my heart and mind… honestly; I don’t think I’ll ever get over it and don’t want to!"

"For two evenings and two mornings, we went out in an open Jeep to treasure hunt animals. I was so excited!! I am not a morning person, but I’d get up any day before sunrise to glimpse these magnificent creations! I was not missing any opportunity. I’ve seen lots of animals in a zoo with plenty of appreciation for them. But, seeing these animals in their natural habitat, content, surroundings, 3-D was breathtakingly gorgeous."

Giraffe view taken by USA Guest on African Safari

"The landscape was wondrous (I’m running out of adjectives.) and magical; like a movie set. Just jaw dropping crazy! I kept turning my head to not miss a snippet. I kept thinking… please burn this into my memory and don’t let me forget it or how it felt or how it made my heart worship! Let me remember the feel of the wind on my face as the Jeep drove along, the coolness of the morning and evening. The sun rising and setting, and all this gorgeous topography and … the ANIMALS!! It filled all of my senses to thrilling overload. Each trip out! It was like a brand new canvas every time we boarded that Jeep!"

Sunset on African Safari Experience

"Elephants are so playful, they danced (lumbered) all around us. The guide definitely knew the testy ones and removed us farther away from them. The rhinos ventured close, as well. The hippos hated us and tried to hide, snorting at us to move along. The antelopes of many varieties, wildebeests, jackals, ostrich, zebras, giraffes, water buffalo, monkeys, birds, etc. all held their own mystique and intrigue!"

Zebra and Impala on African Safari Experience

Guided Big 5 African Safari Experience

"Our guide was THE BEST. All the Jeeps thought theirs was the best, but ours was!! She was full of history and information. Her Dad had been a guide while she was growing up. She was beautiful … and the accent … perfection! We stayed with the same guide for all four of our safari’s which made for nice consistency."

USA Guest Shares Elephant Safari Experience

"The rhinos were big, brawny and intimidating. Whenever our guide stopped the Jeep, we were instructed to stay seated, do not make a lot of movement, no reaching out to touch them and be as quiet as possible. She talked in whispers. Most of the time we were silent and observed their natural behavior. The closer they got the quieter we got …. Mesmerizing!"

Rhino on African Safari Experience

"All the elephants … Mommies, Daddies, Brothers, and Babies. Everywhere we turned more and more came out of the trees! We ended up with probably 20 around us! They were so playful and happy. We were told they like interaction. Man … some of them were so huge!! If they put their ears out, it means they’re threatened: trying to make themselves look bigger and more intimidating. Also, I learned babies don’t learn to fully use their trunks till about 4 yrs. of age. It was delightful to watch them try; clumsy & uncoordinated … adorable!"

USA Guest Shares African Elephant Safari Experience

"Lions mostly sleep during the day. They primarily hunt at night. Which is why it is hard finding them at times, cause they lie down and sleep in the brush during the day. This day, they chose the open displaying their grandeur for us!"

USA Guest Shares African Lion Safari Experience

"I promise these are UNEDITED photos, which means the photo is what my eyes saw. I often see photos on the internet and know filters and color enhancements have altered the pic. Meaning it didn’t really look like that and I could never see that in real life. I’d rather see nature photos as they really appeared not enhanced for effects, just real. Although, we all know NO camera fully captures the real experience; it’s impossible! 3-D in person is always best!"

Share your African Safari Experience

We hope that you enjoyed Elaine's insights into her African safari experience.You can read her blogs on her Elaine Stone website.

If you would like to share your Kariega safari experiences and photographs with us, please email or leave a comment below. You can also add a review and images on TripAdvisor and our Kariega Facebook page.