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Top 5 Reasons to do a Guided Bush Walk

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For most people a safari experience is synonymous with open safari vehicles that offer a safe haven from which to view wild animals and the experience is a life changing one. However, if time allows on your safari you should definitely consider climbing off the vehicle and venturing out on foot for a guided bush walk. These are the top five reasons why!

Top Five Reasons to do a Guided Bush Walk

Awaken the Senses 

Walking through the African bush with the knowledge that you are sharing the space with buffalo, hippo, rhino, elephant, giraffe, zebra and a plentitude of other animals, birds, reptiles and insects brings one's senses alive in an unprecedented way. Every snap of a twig is a warning, eyes scan the environment constantly, and smells offer important information about what is around the corner.

Shine Light on Small Wonders of the African Wild

When on foot it is often the small wonders of nature that capture ones attention. You may find when you stop to investigate the insects and plants that we drive past without a second thought can give incredible insight into the perfection and wonder of nature.

Slow Things Down

A guided nature walk is more of a meander than a march! Quick, sudden movements scare animals and birds away, so one becomes mindful of slow, quiet movements that create a meditative, but alert inner climate. One feels calm but incredibly alive.

Feel Connected

On foot there is no separation between man and nature. It gives one the opportunity to feel a small part of a much larger and intricate system. It offers perspective on what is truly important and what is not.

Earn your Lunch or Dinner!

Lastly, returning to the lodge after some gentle exercise allows one to really enjoy that extra drink or helping of dessert while reminiscing about the day’s adventures.

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