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The Hanoi Connection - Investigating Rhino horn in Asia


Increasing demand for Rhino horn in Vietnam and Laos

This video features the investigative work of Karl Ammann on the supply and demand of rhino horn in Vietnam and Laos, as well as exploring the issue of rhino poaching at game parks in South Africa. Undercover work in these Asian countries showed that 90% of the rhino horn specimens collected by Ammann was fake, leading to the conclusion that as these Asian economies grow, so too does the demand in rhino horn - so much so that the demand is more than can be met, forcing dealers to sell fake horn. 

This is a worrying conclusion for obvious reasons, but also has implications for the long term solutions proposed by many anti-poaching activists. Many believe that legalising the trade would solve the poaching issue (rhino owners would be ale to sell the horn without harm done to the animal) however, if Ammann's research is an indication of the real demand for rhino horn, then legalisation would not solve the 'demand' issue.

Rhino poaching at Kariega Game Reserve South Africa

The video also features the story of Thandi, Themba and our unamed bull who were poached on Kariega Game Reserve in March 2012.

A big thank you to Fair Game who brought this video to our attention. You can view their original article here, or check out the Kariega listing on the Fair Game website to find out more about what Kariega does to fight poaching. You can also find out more about Karl Ammann's investigative journalism, projects and videos here.

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