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Thandi's Story goes to Vietnam and China

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NGO's take Thandi's story to Vietnam and China

Anti-poaching awareness in China

Last week WildAid returned to Kariega Game Reserve in order to shoot additional footage of poaching survivor, Thandi the Rhino, for a documentary to be aired in China. WildAid are currently pushing to have the two part documentary film aired on a major public TV channel in China, CCTV9. The documentary is geared toward educating consumers about the realities of using ivory and rhino horn. It will follow the journey of Yao Ming, a famous Chinese NBA player, as he journeys across Africa for the first time, discovering the horrors of poaching, as well as the beauty of African wildlife.

Anti-poaching awareness in Vietnam

In addition to the Wildaid documentary, Dr Fowlds recently presented at a conference in Vietnam – ‘Sharing information and improving awareness for rhino consumption demand reduction’. The conference was hosted by the Department of Vietnam Forestry and Humane Society International (HSI). It was attended by Vietnam CITES Management Authority as well as number of NGO's, and many press members and government officials. Following in depth talks, Vietnam CITES and HSI agreed to formulate a three year plan to focus on main consumer groups.

Press coverage of the conference was extensive, and included air time on four major news TV channels.

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