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Thandi’s Calf Thembi is 17 Months Old Today!

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This month, in celebration of Thembi’s 17 month birthday, we are shining light and gratitude on Helping Rhinos, a UK based charity with the vision of ensuring the long-term survival of the rhino and other endangered wild animals in their natural habitats, through conservation and education initiatives.

Founder of Helping Rhinos Volunteered at Kariega

The founder of Helping Rhinos, Simon Jones, spent six weeks working as a conservation volunteer at Kariega Game Reserve in 2010. With this personal connection to the animals and land, Simon was deeply affected by the triple rhino poaching that took place at Kariega in 2012. He was equally inspired by Thandi’s story of survival and, like so many others, turned his inspiration to action and founded Helping Rhinos later that same year.

Heartwarming Video Celebrates Rhino Thembi’s First Birthday

Simon visited Kariega earlier in 2016 to make this informative video in celebration of Thembi’s first birthday and to raise awareness against rhino poaching. It is a powerful reminder of the trauma Thandi went through, and the hope Thembi’s birth brought into the world. Thank you Simon, for all your effects, passion and energy.

Helping Rhinos Launch Rhino Alliance

In 2015 Helping Rhinos accepted that the rhino poaching problem was too big for any individual organisation to combat on its own, and that collaboration with other like-minded organisations would yield better results .

Rhino Alliance was formed as a coalition of international non profit organisations with the same aims, goals and passion for rhinos. To date the Alliance has membership in South Africa, Vietnam, UK, USA and the Isle of Man.

How can you support Helping Rhinos and Rhino Alliance?

There are many ways to get involved: volunteering; participating in events and donating. Every one of us can play a part in saving our rhino. Let’s learn from Simon and turn our inspiration into action!