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Spotted Genet: 5 Interesting Facts

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Spotted Genet on Eastern Cape Reserve

This picture of a spotted genet was taken from one of the camera traps that was placed by the Kariega Volunteer Students.

Kariega4 Angie Goody

Five Interesting Facts about the Spotted Genet

  1. Genets have retractable claws adapted to climbing and catching prey.
  2. Their diet can include small mammals, especially rodents, shrews, and bats as well as birds and their eggs, frogs, millipedes, centipedes, scorpions, and various fruits.
  3. Genets can climb trees to hunt birds; however, they also spend much time on the ground hunting prey and taking shelter in rocky outcrops. They are able to squeeze their flexible bodies through any opening larger than their heads.
  4. Adult genets are solitary except during periods of courtship or when young genets accompany their mothers.
  5. Their main predators are owls, leopards, pythons, and humans.

Thanks to Angie Goody for compiling this list of fun facts!

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