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Secretary Bird in Eastern Cape Wilderness

Jone Haesslich
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The secretary bird is said to have got its name from the crest of long feathers at the back of its head. The story goes that these look like the long quill pens that the olden day secretaries had tucked behind their ears or in their hair.

secretary bird at kariega by chelee brown feb 2015

Secretary Birds Pair for Life

The secretary bird is a bird of prey. It is different from other raptors in that it has long legs and can measure up to 1,2 m (4 ft) when standing. The birds pair for life and both the males and females build their nests, usually in the fork of a tree. Eggs, incubated by the female take up to 50 days to hatch and the young are fed by both parents. Chicks are able to fly at around eight weeks. Mature birds however spend most of their day on the ground taking to flight only when they have to.

Eastern Cape Wilderness is Bird Watchers Paradise

Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape is a great location for bird watching. The lush and diverse wilderness is home to a wide variety of resident and migrant species. The reserve spans five ecological zones including two river estuaries, indigenous evergreen forest, rugged mountain and savannah. For a list of bird species found at Kariega Private Game Reserve, download our Bird list.

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