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Secretary Bird Chases off Black backed Jackal

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This week’s video shows some unique footage of Secretary Bird chasing a Black-backed Jackal off his turf and was filmed by Yvonne van Tol earlier this year at Kariega Game Reserve.

In the video it appears this particular Kariega jackal has found a tasty morsel and the Secretary Bird is not too happy about the situation. By spreading out his wings the Secretary Bird makes himself appear larger, using this to intimidate the trespasser. These two may seem unusual opponents but Secretary Birds are terrestrial birds of prey, hunting on foot. Thus the prey of both the Secretary Bird and the Jackal largely overlap and include items such as insects, small mammals, lizards and snakes.

Thank you Yvonne for sharing this video with us, we hope you had a great time on safari at Kariega. If you have anything you would like to share with us please feel free to message us on our Facebook page or email us on