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Rhino Thandi & Themba DAY 7 - 09h00

Jone Haesslich
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Themba has been found alive this morning so I am on my way to assess his condition and plan to top up his anti-inflammatories. We will report back later in the day on his status. The Kariega team are doing a great job in keeping watch over them without harassing them. A critical component of our care plan is to try and balance maximum possible treatment with minimum possible stress. Our decision not to move them to a boma for closer observation was made in an effort to keep their understandable stress levels to a minimum. This strategy is very resource intensive as staff have to spend many long hours of the day tracking and monitoring and we need a helicopter to fly to the reserve to assist with every treatment. But we are convinced that given the severe nature of the trauma, and other considerations, a captive treatment strategy would push them over the edge. The dedication and passion of the team is tangible as they explore ways of doing more to help. The ranger group have initiated their own fund raising initiatives and the local community at Kenton are rallying to assist in their plight. Many of the staff have known these animals from birth and are deeply moved by their struggle. Daniel came to me after the last treatment session with tears in his eyes to thank me for what I am doing for their animals. Having been through a similar experience a year ago with an animal I knew, I feel so much for what they are going through.

Will Fowlds