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Rhino Run: Inspired by Thandi

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Three-years-on from Tragic Rhino Poaching at Kariega

Our thoughts go back to that dreadful day on 2 March 2012, now three years ago, when we found our three rhinos after poachers had attacked them. We think about our unnamed bull that died during the night, the fight for survival and tragic death of Themba, the amazing recovery of Thandi and the birth of her healthy calf.

During March we will celebrate Thandi’s amazing recovery and highlight how it has fueled public passion for this species and motivated people from far flung places to get actively involved in helping to save the rhino. We are so proud to publish some of the wonderful achievements and projects that have been inspired by this brave rhino. Our sincere thanks to everyone who has, and continues to fight for our rhino.

"Thandi's story of sheer determination and will to survive represents hope in the face of hopelessness. This story stands as testimony to the worst and the best of human attitudes towards animals." Dr William Fowlds.

Rhino Run: Inspired by Thandi

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The Rhino Run's mission is to raise awareness and funds for the war on rhino poaching via the South African and global trail running community. Their dream is to turn the Rhino Run into the biggest one day trail running event in the world by hosting Rhino Runs across the world, and at the same time uniting the global trail running community in a common cause – that of protecting and saving our rhinos!

Thanks to Sian and Sheena O'Keeffe for this update on their inspiring project.

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"Being a trail runner has brought me back in touch with the amazing beauty that is South Africa, and the wild places that this beautiful country has to offer.

I believe that we as trail runners have an obligation to step up and fight whenever our precious natural resources are being threatened, for without them, we would not be able to do what we all love doing – running free!

The rhino, being one of the Big 5, is an icon for this country, and we simply cannot let them die out – especially not for something as selfish as the greed of man!

Braam Malherbe, one of South Africa’s running inspirations, says we should all, every day, just Do One Thing (DOT) if we believe in something. Stop talking about what we want to do, or would like to do, or think we should do, and simply just do it.

And so, the concept of the Rhino Run was born – this is my way of trying to Do One Thing that might help in the war on rhino poaching.

My dream for this event is to make it the biggest single day trail running event on the planet! I want to have people running on their favourite trails the world over for an entire day, all with one single objective – to raise funds and awareness of the war on rhino poaching.

The only way we will win this war is to ALL band together – no matter where in the world you are, you can help. And if you are someone that enjoys being outdoors, then you have an OBLIGATION to help.

Sign the petitions, raise awareness by spreading the videos and horrific images, join the vigils, volunteer in the parks and reserves if you are able and if you can afford to, donate to the various funds that have been set up to help.

Rhino Run Raises Awareness and Funds

We've had three annual rhino runs - 2012, 2013 and 2014. In 2014 we had our first international Rhino Run in Mississippi USA and informal runs were held in UK and Hong Kong. We have more official international venues planned for 2015. We've united around 2,000 trail runners each year across the globe to take part in an event that we all share, no matter where we are. The first two years raised over R250,000 and 2014 figures are sitting over the R100,000 mark.

Rhino Conservation Goals for 2015

Rhino Run 2015 is set to be the biggest yet! There are 2 runs planned in the States, one in New Zealand, at least one in the UK, and hopefully a little one in Hong Kong. As well as various locations in South Africa of course! The word is spreading. The Rhino Run will be held in September 2015.

Rhino Run: Get in Touch

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