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Rhino Poaching DAY 6 - 10h30

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Mike reports that there is no news yet of the female as the monitoring team are still tracking her. There appear to be some positive signs in that the bulls tracks indicate he is eating and drinking. We hope to get definite confirmation of this later today as he is back in the thickets and has not actually been seen. This means that we can't update on progress regarding his leg yet. As we get to grips with their daily routine we will start processing the despicable visual material that has been collected thus far to include in the postings. I would like to plead with you all to prepare yourselves to help distribute these horrific images around the world so that the story of these brave and magnificent individuals can help STOP the suffering of others in the future. We have been shocked by a night which has left one rhino dead, another who may not make it through the complications and a third who we are hoping and praying will recover. Surely the full spectrum of the worst suffering that the evils of poaching are able to bring down onus HAS to shock us out of complacency and into action which delivers measurable results. You can help stop the killing. Let's all get ready to raise our game.

Will Fowlds