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Rhino Poaching DAY 4 - 20h00

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Both Kariega animals appear to have come through todays procedures without showing any visable negative side effects. The bull appears slightly more comfortable in the way that he is lying and has moved off about 40 meters into the thicket at the edge of the grassland. The female is hiding up in a bush clump but looked stable when last seen. The very thought of what we have witnessed today brings tears to my eyes again. Its been an emotionally wrenching day for everyone. One I hope we don't have to go through again. The kariega team have been amazing. The drip teams, the treatment team, the ground team the camera teams and all those who helped fetch, packed, clean, attached tracking devices, assist with DNA sampling, water and blood work, all contributed to well managed procedures. Thank you to all those who have flooded us with messages of encouragement and offers of support. You are such an important part of the extended team effort that is required to give these animals the best chance we can offer.

Will Fowlds