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Rare sighting of Aardvark on day safari


Aardvark seen in the day on South Africa safari

Aardvark Kariega Safari Dagemark Oct2013

This photo of an Aardvark shared by our Facebook fan Johanna Dagemark. 

It is very unusual to see an Aardvark during the day. Johanna and her party were very excited to see this shy, nocturnal and sought after animal on their recent safari.

Aardvarks are vaguely pig-like in appearance and their name translated from Afrikaans means "earth pig". They spend most of their lives with their noses to the ground in search of their main food, ants and termites. They are very efficient at eating them with their long snout, tubular mouth and long, thin tongue that can stretch up to 30cm (12 in).

Aardvarks are much larger than you would expect. They can weigh up to 40kg, which is about the same as an adult Cheetah.

Situated in South Africa's malaria-free Eastern Cape, Kariega Private Game Reserve is one of the few game parks where safari guests have the opportunity to see these unusual creatures.

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