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R70 000 handover from "Thandi's Fundraiser"


The Kariega Foundation Save the Rhino fund was extremely fortunate this past weekend to receive a massive handover of roughly R70 000 from Angie Goody, organiser of "Thandi's Fundraiser" in the Isle of Man.

Angie was with the Kariega Conservation Volunteer Programme at the time that Thandi and Themba were battling to survive their ordeal. This experience touched Goody, inspiring and motivating her to spread the word in the fight against rhino poaching. Angie comments, "I knew right from day 1 that I was going to tell the Isle of Man and my friends what really goes on in the world. And if not to be able to change it straight away, but to raise awareness. When I announced that I wanted to do a fund raiser to take some money back to Kariega with me the following year, the offers came flooding in and at an overwhelming rate."

In addition to the donations that Angie received from her fellow countrymen and women, she decided to hold an auction in a local pub, and needless to say it was a smashing success! Angie returned back to Kariega for the handover and to join the Conservation Volunteers once more.

From everyone at Kariega Game Reserve, Thank you so much Angie for your incredible drive and passion, and for helping Save the Rhino in such an huge way. We are indeed very lucky to have your support and we hope that you have a wonderful time on the Reserve.

Kariega Game Reserve Foundation Angie Goody (2)