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Photo: Rhino Thandi's face healing

Jone Haesslich

Update on Kariega Game Reserve rhino who survived poaching ordeal

We received this photograph and update on our rhino Thandi from Jason Loest, Kariega Game Reserve operations manager, "Thandi has been doing fine and has reverted back to much of her normal behavior. She is being seen out and about and is not hiding away during the day or rushing off when we approach her which was the case immediately after the last procedure. She is interacting with all the other rhino and on my last observation earlier in the week I found them all happily enjoying some winter sun together with Thandi. Her face appears to be ok from what can be seen in photos but we don't want to speculate as to her progress and will wait to hear from the vets after her next treatment for an accurate report on how she is doing."

Thandi Kariega Rhino July2013

The veterinary team will be checking on Thandi's progress on Monday 22 July. Visit our blog for updates.